what's kokusai kitchen


KOKUSAi~穀菜&国際~KiTCHEN 穀菜でインターナショナルな台所

Want to be healthy and beautiful not only outside, but also inside by eating grains and vegetables?

Why Macrobiotic?

Too busy to eat well? Cannot get rid of the exhaustion? Moody, gloomy and cranky with no reasons? Endless skin problems? Why don't you learn how to handle those negative conditions by knowing Macrobiotics. Sounds complicated? No, macrobiotics is very simple way of eating and living. All you need to do is just knowing the simple theories, practise and feel the change by yourself. Please join our cooking classes to cook and taste seasonal fresh organic vegetables, tasty brown rice & millet, colourful beans and more.


Classroom is in Higashinada, Kobe, near Hankyu Okamoto, JR Settumotoyama station. (We will send you the detail direction with appointment confirmation e-mail.)




We usually eat 21meals a week. To begin with changing a few meals per week, you will feel your body is also changing. We wish you to feel that your body and mind will be changing by changing those meals. KOKUSAi KiTCHEN wish to be able to help you to find the best way to adapt Macrobiotics to your life.

*KOKUSAi KiTCHEN donate a part of our profit to Organizations which act to reserve the nature, peace, and charities such as UNICEF. We are greateful to be able to support such a significant activities for participants who come to take lessens at KOKUSAi KiTCHEN.

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